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The Need for Variance Analysis Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Need for Variance Analysis - Term Paper Example Pastry specialist and Baker (2014) characterize change as The distinction among standard and real costs and amounts (p. 201), and change investigation as Examination of these distinctions (p. 201). Fluctuation investigation underscores or points out deviations based on what was at first proposed. It is simply after deviations have been recognized that sufficient and powerful choices can be made by the people in the board positions (Baker and Baker, 2014). As indicated by Berger (2011), absence of directing a difference examination may incite pioneers to ignore territories causing these deviations and thus neglect to settle on significant choices. For fluctuation investigation to be played out, an earlier detailing of measures should be directed, for example, budgetary targets (Baker and Baker, 2014). This shows change investigation drives administrators and different pioneers to set targets or gauges ahead of time. Dynamic goes connected at the hip with responsibility in that people regulating zones demonstrated by the fluctuation examination to cause the varieties are liable. Consequently, departmental heads are compelled to settle on powerful choices and execute applicable procedures that drives them to work inside the spending plan (Berger, 2011). For the situation study, new methodology for releasing patients have been actualized. A change examination directed following a half year indicated that expenses were running 25 percent higher than was normal. In the wake of leading the change and demonstrating that there is really a deviation from the financial plan by 25 percent, the following stage is recognize the reasons for the deviation (Berger, 2011). There are numerous territories that may cause the deviation, for example, expanded working hours that expansion the expense of work. In the wake of distinguishing the reason for the deviation, at that point my subsequent stage is assess activity designs under execution to decide their adequacy and research how they can be improved (Berger, 2011). In the event that the activity plans

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Outsourcing in Business Organization-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Talk about the favorable circumstances and Disadvantages of re-appropriating in any Business Organization. Answer: I have been occupied with the conduction of the examination venture that means to explore the favorable circumstances and inconveniences of re-appropriating in any business association through the span of 12 weeks. I might want to specify here that the examination experience has been to a great extent useful to me as it has empowered me to enhance my exploration aptitudes, and the direct research experience has been out and out an extremely valuable encounter for me. As a major aspect of my scholastic educational plan, just as out of my profoundly established enthusiasm for the re-appropriating exercises of the business ventures, I set into the task to look at the points of interest and weaknesses of utilizing the utilization of redistributing, with extraordinary reference to retail goliath Telstra. Albeit at first I didn't have any earlier information in inquire about and thus came up short on the mental fortitude to do the exploration unquestionably, my educator just as friends to a great extent helped me gain understanding into the examination methods, and complete the exploration effectively. Here, I will portray my examination experience, as got through the concerned research. In the first place, I might want to express that an extremely well-known axiom has it Give me a fish and I eat today. Show me how to fish and I will eat for a lifetime. So far I had found out about an assortment of significant business hypotheses and ideas, yet never had I had the option to utilize my existent information so as to make new wellspring of data. My insight has fundamentally stayed bound to the class notes and study materials I used to obtain entrance by means of the online database of our libraries. In any case, the as a matter of first importance thing that I get the hang of during Week 1, was the significance of growing new thoughts from the existent information, so as to add to the existent information. During Week 3 to Week 6, I was being instructed about the strategies for leading writing survey, so as to get a reasonable knowledge into the focal thoughts, key subjects and the hypothetical models of the examination theme. At first, I couldn't grow new thoughts from the wide scope of fluctuated thoughts I was being presented to. In any case, before the finish of Week 7, I took during the time spent distinguishing the exploration hole that should be tended to first, before characterizing the examination points and goals. I discovered that it isn't adequate to experience a wide scope of data, however I likewise expected to perceive what was not being talked about, or which part of the concerned theme, could at present be investigated by me. Not just in this way, I might likewise want to specify here that gradually the examination itself formed into something shockingly serious. Some of the time it was troublesome swimming through the academic research, getting hung up on new words or ideas, or essentially losing all sense of direction in the organization and unimaginable discourse. I regularly got baffled and overpowered too. Be that as it may, during the time spent leading the exploration, I took in the significance of working dedicatedly and i n a composed manner towards the achievement of a solitary objective despite the fact that the whole procedure may appear tedious. The exploration had instructed me to work perseveringly. While trying to discover the solution to my examination questions, I figured out how to access an assortment of artistic articles and investigate the equivalent, to remove the most essential data. At first, I didn't use to access an assortment of articles, and attempted to concentrate exclusively on the class noted gave by our instructor. Be that as it may, before the finish of Week 7, I had extended the skyline of my insight, by accessing a wide assortment of abstract articles, unpublished diaries, organization reports of Telstra and different organizations just as disconnected books. Just because, did I understand the significance of directing an exploration autonomously, totally dependent on singular endeavors and difficult work. I not just gained hypothetical research information before the finish of Week 9, however my exploration application aptitudes had likewise to a great extent improved. The examination helped me gain knowledge into an assortment of significant research ideas, for example, essential and auxiliary information, information assortment and information investigation techniques just as research impediments. At first, I was ignorant of the exploration methods, and began feeling passionless towards examine. In any case, before the finish of Week 7, I increased a lot of research ability that helped in stirring my excitement for finishing the examination. Aside from the scholastic information, I additionally took in the significance of responsibility, steadiness and inspiration in finishing an exploration work. Be that as it may, I might want to state here that the examination experience has been extremely valuable for me, as it familiar me with a portion of the vital research ideas. Prior to und ertaking the concerned research, I was completely ignorant of the essential research terms, for example, scholarly wrongdoing, written falsification and research morals. Be that as it may, before the finish of Week 12, after the fruition of the Assessment 1 and Assessment 2, I created broad information about these terms. I understood that we are being disallowed from delivering the specific hypothetical definition gave by the scientists, precisely in their words, and that we have to summarize the equivalent, while composing the examination paper. Likewise, I additionally found out about the written falsification checking programming Turnitin that assists with checking the unoriginality score of the submitted investigate paper. During Week 5, I was additionally being prescribed to partake in a couple of courses and workshops that likewise helped in building up my examination abilities growing my insight with respect to the exploration ideas. Once more, I might likewise want to make r eference to here cap during my adapting course in Week 9, I found out about the methods of improving the believability of my exploration information. During this time, I discovered that we have to recognize mistakes, assuming any, existent inside the exploration procedure, and dispose of the equivalent to forestall the chance of negative finding, by expanding the quantity of artistic sources checked on. Thusly, I likewise found out about the significance of perusing, surveying and assessing greatest number of artistic articles and diaries for improving the validity of my exploration decision. There is no reason for expressing the undeniable certainty that I was unquestionably ready to determine colossal measure of information about the exploration strategies, look into ideal models and research standards after the finishing of this multi week instructing period. The information and the riches f data with respect to the examination strategies that I have had the option to obtain through the Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 will clearly help me in future. It isn't just gainful to me as far as my scholastic educational plan yet additionally for my future profession. Having experienced a broadness of data, my basic investigation and hierarchical aptitudes have improved enormously. I figured out how to direct academic researchindependently. I wish to turn into an examination researcher in future, and use my as of late gained information in investigate abilities, to direct research in future on an assortment of points. Truth be told, my exploration experience has permitted me to l earn more than I had the option to do in customary coursework, by giving me hands-on involvement with planning the investigations, and essentially learning and making sense of things as I went along.Besides, the inside and out information in regards to the examination point, will likewise help me on the off chance that I seek after my elective course of profession in future-business person. All said and done, I don't stop for a second to state here that the concerned research venture has been the most important part pf my undergrad concentrates as it has supplied me with an assortment of research ability, information and mastery that will assist me with directing exploration freely in future.

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Where to Find University Entrance Essay Samples

Where to Find University Entrance Essay SamplesEveryone wants to be in the college of their choice. But, many of us are not sure what the process is to get into the school we want to attend. In order to do so, one needs to know where to look for university entrance essay samples and how to determine which ones are correct.The first thing to understand is that you need to read a variety of university entrance essay samples. There are dozens of different essays that you can use for college admissions tests. Since so many universities take so many different entrance exams, you should try to pick the essay that most closely matches your skills and personality.Reading university entrance essay samples will help you identify if you have the skills and personality of the professor or the reader. Although the samples have been written by academics, they still carry weight. They can help you discover if you may be a good fit for a certain school.One other benefit of using entrance essay sampl es is that they can also help you weed out which schools that you may not be suited for. There are so many schools that offer many different tests and requirements that it is hard to narrow them down. Even if you don't meet all of the requirements, it can still be a great place to begin to explore other options.You can find university entrance essay samples from hundreds of universities around the world. It will help to take advantage of the great variety. As long as you know what you are looking for, you can find the right essay.There are also essay samples that deal with general themes such as general education. These can often tell you more about a particular school than essays focusing on specific subjects. You will also be able to find a wider variety.Also, keep in mind that most academic essay samples are pretty general. It may seem like they are giving you information for a test, but they will be more detailed than an essay that only talks about the differences between fours versus fives. Most of the time, you will not be able to tell a specific university from another.You may be wondering what universities you can get entrance essay samples from. Well, you can find them from many different universities. The reason that you may not find them from every school is because each one will be unique.

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Reflective analysis on a case presented with minor injury - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 6 Words: 1896 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? History of presenting complaint and symptoms: Ian Ruther fell on icy path outside of house two days ago, putting her hand down to break the fall (i.e. FOOSH).   There was immediate pain in the left wrist below the thumb.   She is complaining of increased pain when trying to move wrist and pick up small objects.   Patient does not report any noticeable immediate swelling. Examination findings: Examination should start with observing the motion of the patient’s hand. This observation is helpful in making diagnosis on the whole limb dysfunction and injury that will help in giving valuable information about the function of the hand elbow complex. The patient’s hand should be observed from front to the back. Any kind of limitation hesitancy, symmetry or avoidance of any weight bearing should be noted. Some of the examinations should escape the notice of the patient since some of them occur gradually. (Bunnell, S., 1951) Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Reflective analysis on a case presented with minor injury" essay for you Create order The entire upper extremity of the limb should be exposed and evaluated when examination is on-going. Elbow motion, active shoulder motion, pronation, and supination of the forearm should be assed effectively. The color of the forearm should be noted in order to conclude on the state of the blood circulation and even on the conditions of the radial and ulna pulses. The swellings and edemas existing edemas should be noted and even on the abnormal posture or position. Evaluation of the skin tenderness, moisture and sensibility should be done. After hand injury, there is a secondary stiffness and limited range of motion (ROM) of other joints of extremity together with the involved hand. Measurements and recordings on the range of both active and passive motion of the wrist, MCP joint, and IP joints of each digit should be done. Documentation of grip and pinch strength should be noted too. Evaluation on the patient ability to carry out simple functions should be evaluated. A simple sketch of the hand with appropriate notations and measurements should be done on the paper since it is usually helpful. (Campbell, D.A. and Kay, S.P.J., 1996) Differential diagnoses: The parts of the arm that should be investigated are: skin, the nail-bed and fingertip, the muscles, the nerves of the patient’s forearm sensibility and circulation of blood. (Flatt, A.E., 1979) Investigations further tests required: After these preliminary tests, there are specific parts of the hand where further analysis should be carried out. They are listed as shown below: Skin: The examiner should evaluate whether there is a presence or absence of swelling, wrinkles, moisture, scars, color and other surface irregularities. Normally, the palmer skin is thick, tethered, irregularly surfaced and moist to enable traction and durability. The dorsum skin is thin and mobile to permit the motion of various joints. (Frazier, W.H., Miller, M., Fox, R.S., Brand, D. and Finseth, F., 1978) The nail-bed and fingertip: When making examination on this part of the forearm, one should ensure that the tuft of the distal phalanx is well-padded by the adipose tissue and covered by highly inverted skin which is tethered to the distal phalanx through a series of fibrosepta. (Hammert, W. C. 2010) Muscles: The muscles of the fore arm are divided into various sections. Hence, examinations should be done on each part respectively as shown below and make the recordings on them. The first part is the extrinsic muscle. This part is composed of extrinsic flexor muscles, extrinsic extensor muscles and extrinsic extensor muscles. When analyzing the extrinsic extensor muscles, the flexor pollicis longus (FPL) muscle strength should be tested against the resistance supplied by the examiner. The flexor digitorum profunds (FDP) should be tested by asking the patient to bend the tip of his finger. The examiner should stabilize the PIP point as the distal point is actively flexed. The muscle should be tested against resistance too as each finger is being examined. The flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) should be tested by asking the patient to bend his finger at the middle joint (Weiland, A. J., Rohde, R. S. 2009). The examiner should stabilize the other fingers so as to block the profundus function. Then the procedure should be repeated for the rest of the fingers. The flexor carpi ulnaris (FCU), flexor carpi radialis(FCR), and palmaris longus(PL) should be evalua ted by asking the patient to flex his wrist as the examiner keeps on palpating on the tendoms of these muscles.The PL will be noted as to be lying between the FCR radially and FCU ulnary on the volar surface of the wrist when maneuvering around the forearm. The extrinsic extensor muscles. It consists of the first dorsal wrist compartment, second dorsal wrist compartment, the third dorsal wrist compartment, fourth dorsal wrist compartment, fifth dorsal wrist compartment and the sixth dorsal wrist compartment. The first dorsal wrist compartment consists of the abductor pollicis longus (APL) and extensor pollicis longus.   These parts are evaluated by asking the patient to bring his thumb out to the side. The examiner should be palpating around the taut tendons over the radial side of the wrist that is going to the thumb. The second dorsal wrist compartment consists of the extensor carpi radialis longus (ECRL) tendons and the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) muscles. These parts are evaluated by asking the patient to make a fist and bring his wrist back strongly. The examiner should also provide resistance and palpation on thetendons over the dorsoradial aspect of the wrist. The third dorsal wrist compartment has the extensor pollicis longus (EPL) passing around the Lister’s tubercle of te radius. This muscle can be tested by placing the hand flat on the table and having the patient lifting the thumb off the surface. The fourth dorsal wrist compartment has the extensor digitorum communis (EDC) and the extensor indicis proprius (EIP) muscle tendons. They are examined by asking the patient to straighten his fingures and by making observations on the MCP joint extension. The EIP can be examined separately by asking the patient to bring his pointing finger out straight with the other fingers bent in a fist. The fifth dorsal wrist compartment has the extensor digit minimi (EDM) (Weinzweig, N., Weinzweig, J. 2005). This is tested by asking the patient to straighten his small finger with others bent in the fist. This will help in extending the MCP joint of the small finger. The sixth dorsal wrist compartment has the extensor corpi ulnaris (ECU). This is examined by asking the patient to pull his hand up and out to the side. The examiner can palpate over the ulnar side of the wrist at the distal point of the ulnar head. The extrinsic extensor tightness can be tested by maintaining the wrist in a neutral and passively extending the MCP joint and flexing the PIP point. The same test is repeated with the MCP joint when passively flexed. (Hill, E.J., 1963) The second part of examination is the intrinsic muscles. This part is composed of the thenar muscle group,   adductor pollicis (AdP), lumbrical, interrosseous muscles and the hpothenar muscle group. The thenar muscles are composed of the abductor pollicis brevis (APB), opponens pollicis (OP), and flexor pollicis brevis (FPB). These muscles can be evaluated by asking the patient to touch the thumb and small fingertips together for the nails to be parallel. They can be alternatively tested by asking the patient to place the dorsum of the hand flat on the table and raise the thumb of the surface by 90o. The examiner should be palpating the thenar muscles at this time to note wether they contract. The contralateral hand should also be examined in the same way to observe the variations in muscle mass and function. The AdP can be examined by making the patient to hold the paper forcibly between the hand and the radial side of the index proximal phalanx. The interosseous and lumbrical mus cles should be tested by asking the patient to spread the fingers apart as the examiner keeps on palpating the first dorsal interosseous to observe whether it is contracting. Another alternative test is to lay the hand of the patient flat on the table and elevate the middle finger and radially and ulnarly deviate it. The hypothenar muscles is composed of the abductor digiti minimi (ADM), flexor digiti minimi (FDM), and opponens digiti minimi (ODM). They are evaluated by asking the patient to bring the small finger away from the other fingers. The intrinsic muscle tightnesss can be tested by holding the MCP joint in extension while the PIP joint is passively flexed by the examiner. (Hunt, T. R., Wiesel, S. W. 2011) The third part of examination is the nerves. The nerves are composed of the median nerve, ulnar nerve, radial nerve, and the sensory branches. They should be also examined to ensure that they are functioning normally without any defect. Any abnormality noticed should be recorded appropriately. (Jacobs, M. A., Austin, N. M. 2003) The fourth part of examination is sensibility. The normal skin should be moist. The dysfunction of the nerves may cause loss in sympathetic intervention in most of the distribution areas. This makes the skin to become dry. The finger should be tested by tactile gnosis by the moving and static two-point light touch discrimination test. The hand should be positioned on a flat table and make the patient to close his eyes. A disk-criminator or a bent paper clip should be used to measure the innervation density. The examiner should begin at 6mm distance between the prong and this should be preceded to higher and lower distances to determine the critical distance in which the patient indicates pain. (Lawton, J. N. 2013) The fifth exercise is to test on the circulation. This should be done by noting the color of the skin and the fingernails as well as the blanching and flush of the nail-bed. The Allen test should be used in this case by following the following procedures: The ulner and radial arteries should be compressed first. The patient should be asked to make a fist, open and close it several times to exsanguinate the hand and then open the hand again into a relaxed position. The radial artery only should be released later. If the palm and fingers get filled with blood, then the radial artery is patent. Repeating the first and second steps, the ulnar artery should be released now. If the entire hand flushes, then the ulnar artery is pantent. (Miller, M. D., Hart, J. A. 2011) Working Diagnosis: The patient was diagnosed with a Bennet’s fracture. It has occurred from the ulnar base of the thumb metacarnal. (Sorock, G.S., Lombardi, D.A., Hauser, R.B., Eisen, E.A., Herrick, R.F. and Mittleman, M.A., 2001) Brief management issues/referrals: This condition requires surgery that should be performed by the specialist wrist and hand surgeon. This should be followed by 4-6 week period of immobilization in a plaster cast. This operation involves the reduction of the bones which is a medical speak by putting them back in the right place. Fixation of the fracture can be done by making use of wires. (Strickland, J. W. 2005) The therapist should mobilize the surrounding joints during the immobilization period to help in the restoration of the normal function of the other fingers. This should be followed by an exercise of wrist and hand strengthening.

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The Self-destructive Relationship in Wuthering Heights Essay

On the face of it, it would seem that the relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff is self-destructive to an extreme. Due to the lovers’ precarious circumstances, passionate personalities and class divisions, it seems that fate transpires to keep them apart and therefore the hopelessness of their situation drives them to self destruction. However, although the relationship is undeniably self-destructive, there are elements within it that suggest the pain Heathcliff and Catherine put each other through is atoned for to an extent when they share their brief moments of harmony. Catherine is trapped between her love of Heathcliff and her love for Edgar, setting the two men down a path of destruction, a whirlwind of anger and resentment†¦show more content†¦The metaphor of â€Å"eternal rocks† is used to describe Heathcliff, never changing and powerful, whereas her loved for Edgar is â€Å"like the foliage in the wood.† This metaphor suggests that the fo liage could change, like her feelings, but the tree’s soar high, like his social class- he is after all, â€Å"handsome† and â€Å"rich.† Competing for Catherine’s love brings the two men into conflict, making Catherine feel desperately guilty and torn between the two. She tries to reconcile the two men, but when this is clearly impossible, she vows to â€Å"break their hearts by breaking her own.† Her vow is carried out, and as the â€Å"violent, unequal throbbing of her heart† stops she has truly completed the most horrific of self-destructions. Because Heathcliff and Cathy cannot be together, yet desire it so strongly, it seems inevitable they will blame the other, and push away from each other, while simultaneously being drawn together, wrenching their hearts impossibly painfully. Heathcliff says to Catherine â€Å"You loved me--then what right had you to leave me? What right--answer me--for the poor fancy you felt for Linton? Because misery, and degradation and death, and nothing that God or Satan could inflict would have parted us, you, of your own will, did it.† The power of the betrayal Heathcliff feels is represented in this quote, portraying his pain very successfully. Moreover, Cathy feels like she has been betrayed by Heathcliff too-Show MoreRelatedWilliam Shakespeare s Macbeth And Wuthering Heights 1199 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 4 May 29, 2017 Destructive Love In Macbeth and Wuthering Heights The theme of destructive love within relationships in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Bronte’s Wuthering Heights are presented through sexism, jealousy, and betrayal. How do women gain control in a relationship? Can men regain control in a relationship? What makes a good relationship? What makes a bad relationship? Can people be over ambitious? These questions are vital to understanding the complex relationships in these stories. WomenRead MoreEmily Brontes Wuthering Heights783 Words   |  4 Pagesborn in 1818 and published Wuthering Heights in 1847. Wuthering Heights, reflects her experience with both the Romantic Era, which existed from 1785 to 1830, and the Victorian Era, which took place from 1830 to 1848. Romantics placed high importance on the individual, nature and human emotion. The Victorian Era, in turn, was a reaction to the Romantic period. The Victorians had a sense of social responsibility, which set them apart from the Romantics. Wuthering Heights exemplifies both periods withRead MoreThe Invention Of Wings Of Wuthering Heights 1477 Words   |  6 PagesAllen Chen Mrs. Tanksley AP English IV 28 October 2014 Invention of Wings Connected to Wuthering Heights The Invention of Wings follows the peculiar institution of slavery through the eyes of two young girls, Sarah and Hetty. They both struggle with the realities of societal customs pitched against them. Sarah is futilely vying against the strong patriarchal customs of her society while Hetty has to bear with the fact that as a slave, she is unequal to those around her. They are both driven byRead MoreWuthering Heights By Emily Bronte1198 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s novel depicts the addictive yet destructive relationship between orphaned Heathcliff and Catherine. Wuthering Heights repeats cycles of relationships from the 1st generation of the Linton’s, Earnshaw’s, and Heathcliff’s transferred on to their children, the 2nd generation- Linton, Hareton, and the 2nd Catherine. Amongst this cycle, amorous and vengeful relationships are amid the family. However, the 2nd generation is able to accomplish the goal set by Heathcliff and the firstRead MoreComparison Of Vladimir Nabokov s Lolita And Emily Bronte s Wuthering Heights808 Words   |  4 PagesVladimir Nabokov’s Lolita and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights both share the powerful theme of intense and obsessive love. Heathcliff, the disturbed main character in Wuthering Heights is so immensely in love with Catherine that it turns him into a monster. The main character in Lolita is inappropriately in love with a young girl that causes him to c ommit destructive actions. In both of these novels the authors demonstrate how something as joyful as love, can morph into an obsession, lead to insanityRead MoreThe Novel Wuthering Heights 1229 Words   |  5 PagesWuthering Heights is considered a classic piece of literature which means that it has withstood the test of time, proving its importance and relevance with readers throughout the years. The novel takes place in late seventeen hundred –   mid eighteen hundred and is written in two parts: the first part is written about one generation, and the second part is written about the second generation. Throughout the novel there are three prominent concepts; love, betrayal, and revenge. The concept of loveRead MoreAnalyse Bronte’s Presentation of Love in the Novel â€Å"Wuthering Heights† Focusing Specifically on Chapters One to Sixteen1605 Words   |  7 PagesAnalyse Bronte’s Presentation of Love in the Novel â€Å"Wuthering Heightsâ⠂¬  Focusing Specifically on Chapters One to Sixteen The gothic novel â€Å"Wuthering Heights† narrates the story of love and passion between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw. Love is one of the main themes that the novel basis’s around, and how this opposed passion between the two main characters ultimately demolishes themselves and all that are around them. Here we are shown the extremities of theRead MorePassionate Destruction: a Comparison of Wuthering Heights and Twilight1575 Words   |  7 PagesWhat makes a person choose a one-sided relationship? Obsession? Love? Why would anyone want to torture themselves knowing that their partner can never truly love them? What is insanity and why is it so popular among the gothic community? Wuthering Heights is a classic gothic novel by English author Emily Brontë. This novel deals with the passionate and ultimately doomed love of Catherine Earnshaw and the gypsy orphan Heathcliff and how their masochistic love destroyed themselves and the lives ofRead MoreAnalysis Of Emi ly Bronte s Wuthering Heights 1589 Words   |  7 PagesVictoria Embry Outside Reading Analysis Wuthering Heights Tramel – 2nd period November 4, 2016 Introduction The self-consuming nature of passion is mutually destructive and tragic. The gothic Victorian novel, Wuthering Heights, was written by Emily Bronte and published in 1847 where Bronte challenges ideas of religious hypocrisy, social classes, gender inequality and mortality. Wuthering Heights was first ill received being too much removed from the ordinary reality in the mid-nineteenth-century;Read MoreThe Relationship Between Catherine And Heathcliff799 Words   |  4 Pagesromantic novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, the characters end up destroying themselves because of the feeling of revenge and affection towards one another. The relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff is self-destructive to a certain extreme. Due to their insecure and risky circumstances, passionate personalities and differences in class, their fate leads them to keeping them apart. That hopelessness of the love they couldn’t physically have, eventually leads them to self destruction. Although

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Study Explains Mixed Fortunes At Dominos †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Case Study Mixed Fortunes At Dominos? Answer: Introduction This study introduces management case study that explains mixed fortunes at Dominos. In this particular assignment, emphasis has been given on understanding background of Dominos Pizza (Sheth and Sisodia 2015). The case study on Dominos Pizza was presented in a way where several issues are identified that reveals that workers are not paid for overtime and there is exploitation of human resources. The current segment identifies issues that are faced by Dominos in its operations. Dominos is one of the Australian pizza chains with a network of franchises and over 600 retail stores globally. In addition, the shares of Dominos have surged and best performers and making a lot of people wealthy. In the year 2016, Dominos generated total revenue of $939,976,000. The reality of life inside the Dominos Pizza chain is not what is portrayed to the general public. Most The present study explains probable solution where Dominos can mitigate the issues as identified in the case study (Armstrong et al. 2014). Background Dominos has the biggest pizza menu in and across the world with more than 2,00,000 options that help in boosting the sales of Dominos that is more than 90 million pizzas on annual basis with a guarantee to deliver pizza within 15 to 20 minutes for an extra cost (He, Zha and Li 2013). The business model of Dominos is based on franchisees growing sales with head office taking a royalty from every sale where Australians chomp through 1 million of pizzas every week. In addition, stores are bought and sold on a multiple of these sales and not on profits. It is understood that more stores will help in generating more sales and that lead to gain profits for head office (Sheth and Sisodia 2015). Issue identification Poor Management Leadership- From the case study of Dominos, several issues was related that was hampering the reputation of the overall brand. To this, poor management leadership is one of the issues that were clearly identified from the case study. The business of Dominos relies mainly on franchisees where they take up stores and increase the sale of the brand. But, this was not the case with the one of the powerful franchises and member of Franchisee Advisory Committee named as Del Santo. The leadership style that was adopted by him was wrong and lead to harassing workers who are working for their stores. On the other hand, Managing Director (Meij) of Dominos follows leadership style where he actually thinks behalf of people where more concentration is given on training its workers so that they know how to work and learn each day. On the contrary, being a store franchisee, Del Santo asks his store manager to reduce labor costs by any means possible. The main issue was exploitation of human resources at Dominos Pizza where staff members are not paid for their work and force them to work more without pay. Other problem that was found at the time of audit of Dominos is the stores of the company give rise to wage fraud. Franchisees mostly blame the head of office system if anything went wrong and that lead to poor quality of food and delivery Possible solution Employee dissatisfaction- One of the possible solution that can be adopted by Dominos is to check over the facts whether employees are happy working for their stores. Human resource is one of the assets to the company that should be properly managed and efforts should be made to listen to their needs and expectations rather than only thinking of sales and profits. At Dominos, employees are highly dissatisfied with their pay scale where they are working for longer hours but not getting paid for extra hours even. Figure: Response to employee dissatisfaction (Source: Baker, M.J., 2014) Voice- The employee feels dissatisfied if they cannot voice or speak up their own opinion at workplace. Same is the case of Dominos where employees cannot have their own say or opinion regarding any of the company operations. Loyalty- It is condition where employees wait for better condition or improvements by trusting the organization and management to perform the right thing. Neglect- It is condition where employee feel worsen that include lateness,, reduced effort as well as increased error rate. Exit- It is the condition where dissatisfaction is expressed through behavior that is directed to leave any organization. Organization value or culture- The organization work culture if equally important for any employees who are working for Dominos. The managing director of Dominos believes in changing the business model frequently so that they are ahead of competition in the market. Organization value or culture is really important so that employee feel relaxed, composed and content while working at Dominos. Communication- Communicating the right information to the right employees is the best solution that needs to be adopted in the stores of Dominos. The management of these stores is only thinking how to increase profits by any means possible. The possible solutions are customer communication as well as job redesign. It is important to undergo the immediate issuing of press release for discussing the mishappenings, conducting aggressive advertising as well as communication and employee training. The Company should conduct interview via television as well as radio stations for discussing the events and reassuring the public what situation need to be handled. Promotion is one of the possible solutions that Dominos should adopt in their business operations. Embarking on vigorous promotions as well as giveaways for regaining rapport from the customers. Dominos has always been a company who based its offerings on convenience (Sheth and Sisodia 2015). The company is trying to gain competitive advantage over other companies by having both convenience as well as flavor lovers on their side. It will be difficult task to keep up both convenience and new recipe as it will be highly costly affair. The old famous deal of 30 minutes or free had been their trademark for several years. With the new developments of a recipe, it is noted that Dominos is swaying away from convenience as well as moving towards flavor (Brown and Churchill 2014). Proposed solution From the above listed possible solution, communication can be selected as the best proposed solution that can solve any major issue that prevails at Dominos. The proposed solution that should be adopted by Dominos is Job Redesign and this can be illustrated by use of Herzberg Two factor theory. Figure: Job Redesigning at Dominos Pizza (Source: Baker, M.J., 2014) Person marketing include activities that need to be undertaken for creating, maintaining or changing attitudes and behavior for targeting consumers towards specific people (Armstrong et al. 2015). Dominos Pizza does not pay much attention to the staff members and found to be not abiding by the policies and procedures. Most of the workers are underpaid and they are not even paid for extra hours worked by the employees. Employees work for longer hours for the company but they are not gets paid for that time or hours (Czinkota and Ronkainen 2013). This action gives rise to dissatisfaction in the minds of employees. Dominos Pizza faced problem in their operational activities such as loss of customers as well as profits. There are alternative solutions mentioned in the above question that is generated to solve problem of Dominos. Possible solution to the above problem is job redesigning of activities (He, Zha and Li 2013). A proper plan was formulated for implementation of probable solution. Therefore, contingency plan was put in place for any types of precautionary measures. Recommendations The first strategy that should be used by Dominos is treating each employee equally and paying for what they work. At stores, the employees who want to work for longer hours should be paid that lead to employee satisfaction. It is recommended to Dominos that Senior Leaders should meet every month for discussing the commodity market outlook as well as how to manage purchase and supplier relationships in an effective way. It is suggested that Dominos pizza should extend the menu as well as try to increase the taste as well. Dominos pizza should launch many national advertisements that highlight how they reinvented their entire business model. Dominos pizza should make use of technology like Online Pizza tracker as well as iPhone application and online ordering. It is suggested to Dominos for implementing the new flavor as well as also keeps the 30 minutes or less bargain guarantee. Both convenience and flavor is costly affair where the amount of large profit in sale at the beginning of the process. Both the convenience as well as new pizza together would make for a great solution. In addition, the break-even that could be obtained with this that would succeed over the previous pizza recipe. Transparent communication The next strategy that should be adopted by Dominos is enhancing transparent communication where each employee can speak up their thoughts, opinions and grievances to the upper level management or any level of management they desire to. Employee grievances should be addressed by the management so that they feel their importance in the company and that will make them work more for the organization and become a true asset to the company. Addressing employees grievances and complaints can solve a lot of major problem in the stores. References Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S. and Kotler, P., 2014.Principles of marketing. Pearson Australia. Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M. and Brennan, R., 2015.Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Babin, B.J. and Zikmund, W.G., 2015.Exploring marketing research. Cengage Learning. Baker, M.J., 2014.Marketing strategy and management. Palgrave Macmillan. Brown, T.J. and Churchill, G.A., 2014.Basic marketing research: Customer insights and managerial action. Cengage learning. Christopher, M., 2016.Logistics supply chain management. Pearson UK. Czinkota, M.R. and Ronkainen, I.A., 2013.International marketing. Cengage Learning. 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